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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Title: Motif for Murder: A Scrapbooking Mystery
Author: Laura Childs

Your thoughts:
Laura Childs is a new author to me; she was recommended to me by my friend because I love mysteries and scrapbooking. The main character, Carmen, has just reconciled with her husband. He is kidnapped from their kitchen one morning, and his uncle is murdered. Carmen and her friend get caught up in trying to find Carmen's husband and finding the uncle's murderer. In between running all around New Orleans trying to solve the mystery and parties, she runs a scrapbooking store. She keeps busy and sane by working on scrapping projects in her store. At the end of the book she gives directions for the scrapping projects she does in her shop and recipes for all the dinners and food she prepares. Laura Childs also writes a tea shop mystery series.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rome, the First Complete Season

Title: Rome, the first complete season

Your thoughts:
My friend let me borrow this DVD set. This was excellent! I don't know why Newington doesn't own this. I don't remember my Ancient History class being this exciting. There are plots and intrigues, love and war!! My husband and I both enjoyed watching this. My only disappointing moment was that there was no "et tu, Brute." I'm also happy to say that when this movie starts, it's the same time period as the mystery Rubicon that I read a couple of months ago.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Expected One

Title: The Expected One
Author: Kathleen McGowan

I could not put this book down. If you liked the DaVinci Code, you'll like this. The main character is Maureen Paschal who has vivid dreams of Mary Magdalene. As the story unfolds, she discovers information about her father. She travels to France and investigates the history of Mary Magdalene. This is a wonderful book, and I encourage you to read it. I have been recommending this to all my friends.